Version: 2021.3
Lightmapping using Enlighten Baked Global Illumination



Select Window > Rendering > Lighting from the Unity Editor menu to open the Lighting window. Make sure any Mesh you want to apply a lightmap to has proper UVs for lightmapping. The easiest way to do this is to open the Mesh import settings and enable the Generate Lightmap UVs setting.

接下来,要控制光照贴图的分辨率,请前往 Lightmapping Settings 部分并调整 Lightmap Resolution 值。

To be included in your lightmap, Renderers must meet the following criteria:

  • 具有 Mesh RendererTerrain 组件
  • 标记为 Contribute GI
  • 使用内置的 Unity 材质、标准着色器 (Standard Shader) 或具有 Meta Pass 的着色器

You can adjust settings for Lights in the Light Explorer. To open the Light Explorer, go to Window > Rendering > Light Explorer.


  1. Open the Lighting window (menu: Window > Rendering > Lighting)

  2. At the bottom of the Scene tab on the Lighting window, select Generate Lighting (or ensure that Auto Generate is enabled).

  3. A progress bar appears in Unity Editor’s status bar, in the bottom-right corner.

When lightmapping is complete, Unity’s Scene and Game views update automatically and you can view the resulting lightmaps by going to the Baked Lightmaps tab in the Lighting Window.

手动生成光照时,Unity 将向 Assets 文件夹中添加光照数据资源烘焙光照贴图反射探针

2018.1 版中添加了渐进光照贴图 NewIn20181

Lightmapping using Enlighten Baked Global Illumination