Version: 2022.3
Keystore Manager window reference
Add keys to a keystore

Create a new keystore

This page explains how to use the Keystore Manager window to create a new keystore.

This is relevant if you want to publish your application, because you must provide a key from a keystore when you sign the application.

To create a new keystore:

  1. Open the Keystore Manager window.
  2. In the top-left of the window, select Keystore > Create New.
  3. Select Anywhere and save the keystore file in your Project folder, or select In Dedicated Location and save the keystore to a different directory on your computer. For more information, see Choose the keystore location.
  4. Enter a password for the keystore in the Password field and re-enter the password in the Confirm password field.
  5. A keystore must contain at least one key so to finish creating a keystore, add a key. To do this, see Add keys to a keystore.

Choose the keystore location

You can create a new keystore anywhere on your computer, however there are two special locations: the Project folder and what is called the keystores dedicated location. If you place a keystore in either of these places, Unity saves a relative path to the keystore. Otherwise Unity saves an absolute path to the keystore. Under the Keystore > Create New menu option, there are two options:

  • Anywhere opens the file explorer at the root of your Project folder. This is the default place that Unity stores keystores.
  • In Dedicated Location opens the file explorer in a custom location. By default, this path points to $HOME/ on MacOS and to %USER_HOME%\ on Windows. To change the dedicated location for your computer, go to Unity > Preferences > External Tools > Android > Keystores Dedicated Location, then click Browse to select a location or enter a path in the text box.

If you store a keystore in a dedicated location, Unity saves a relative path from the dedicated location to the keystore. This means different computers can specify a different dedicated location and store the keystore in a different place.

Note: If you save the new keystore outside of your Project folder or a shared directory, collaborators on your project might not have access to it.


Keystore Manager window reference
Add keys to a keystore