Version: 2022.3
Windows 运行时支持

托管堆栈跟踪与 IL2CPP

When an exception happens in managed code, the stack trace for the exception can help you understand the cause of the exception. This can often be found in the player log file. However, the managed stack trace might not appear the way you expect because the stack trace varies depending on the build configuration.​ ​

C++ Compiler Configuration options


When the C++ Compiler Configuration is set to Debug, IL2CPP reports a reliable managed stack trace, and includes each managed method in the call stack. The stack trace doesn’t include line numbers from the original C# source code. ​

Release and master

When the C++ Compiler Configuration is set to Release or Master, IL2CPP might produce a call stack that’s missing one or more managed methods. This is because the C++ compiler has inlined the missing methods. Method inlining is usually good for performance at run time, but it can make call stacks more difficult to understand. IL2CPP always provides at least one managed method on the call stack. For stack traces created from managed exceptions, this is the method where the exception occurred. It also includes other methods if they aren’t inlined.​ ​

Source code line numbers

在调试或发布配置中,IL2CPP 调用堆栈不包含源代码行号信息。

Windows 运行时支持