Version: 2022.3
Create a new keystore
Load a keystore

Add keys to a keystore

This page explains how to use the Keystore Manager window to add a new key to an existing keystore. Unity requests the same information as Android Studio does when you generate a key or keystore through that. Unity doesn’t validate this information. If you leave a field blank, Unity uses an empty value. This might affect the final validity of the key. For more information, see Generate an upload key and keystore.

This task is relevant if you want to create a new keystore from the Keystore Manager window, or want to store multiple keys in the same keystore.

To add a key to a keystore:

  1. Open the Keystore Manager window.
  2. Either start to create a new keystore, or load an existing keystore. To do this, see Create a new keystore or Load a keystore respectively.
  3. In the New Key Values section, add values for all the relevant properties. For information on each property, see Keystore Manager window reference.
  4. Select Add key. If this button is grayed out, there is an issue with one of your key properties and the text to the left of this button explains what the issue is.
  5. In the dialogue window that appears, if you want to use the keystore as your Project keystore and the new key as the active key for the Project, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.


Create a new keystore
Load a keystore