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Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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A collection of common math functions.

Static Properties

Deg2RadDegrees-to-radians conversion constant (Read Only).
EpsilonA tiny floating point value (Read Only).
InfinityA representation of positive infinity (Read Only).
NegativeInfinityA representation of negative infinity (Read Only).
PIThe well-known 3.14159265358979... value (Read Only).
Rad2DegRadians-to-degrees conversion constant (Read Only).

Static Methods

AbsReturns the absolute value of f.
AcosReturns the arc-cosine of f - the angle in radians whose cosine is f.
ApproximatelyCompares two floating point values and returns true if they are similar.
AsinReturns the arc-sine of f - the angle in radians whose sine is f.
AtanReturns the arc-tangent of f - the angle in radians whose tangent is f.
Atan2Returns the angle in radians whose Tan is y/x.
CeilReturns the smallest integer greater than or equal to f.
CeilToIntReturns the smallest integer greater to or equal to f.
ClampClamps the given value between the given minimum float and maximum float values. Returns the given value if it is within the minimum and maximum range.
Clamp01Clamps value between 0 and 1 and returns value.
ClosestPowerOfTwoReturns the closest power of two value.
CorrelatedColorTemperatureToRGBConvert a color temperature in Kelvin to RGB color.
CosReturns the cosine of angle f.
DeltaAngleCalculates the shortest difference between two angles.
ExpReturns e raised to the specified power.
FloatToHalfEncode a floating point value into a 16-bit representation.
FloorReturns the largest integer smaller than or equal to f.
FloorToIntReturns the largest integer smaller to or equal to f.
GammaToLinearSpaceConverts the given value from gamma (sRGB) to linear color space.
HalfToFloatConvert a half precision float to a 32-bit floating point value.
InverseLerpDetermines where a value lies between two points.
IsPowerOfTwoReturns true if the value is power of two.
LerpLinearly interpolates between a and b by t.
LerpAngleSame as Lerp but makes sure the values interpolate correctly when they wrap around 360 degrees.
LerpUnclampedLinearly interpolates between a and b by t with no limit to t.
LinearToGammaSpaceConverts the given value from linear to gamma (sRGB) color space.
LogReturns the logarithm of a specified number in a specified base.
Log10Returns the base 10 logarithm of a specified number.
MaxReturns the largest of two or more values. When comparing negative values, values closer to zero are considered larger.
MinReturns the smallest of two or more values.
MoveTowardsMoves a value current towards target.
MoveTowardsAngleSame as MoveTowards but makes sure the values interpolate correctly when they wrap around 360 degrees.
NextPowerOfTwoReturns the next power of two that is equal to, or greater than, the argument.
PerlinNoiseGenerate 2D Perlin noise.
PerlinNoise1DGenerates a 1D pseudo-random pattern of float values across a 2D plane.
PingPongPingPong returns a value that increments and decrements between zero and the length. It follows the triangle wave formula where the bottom is set to zero and the peak is set to length.
PowReturns f raised to power p.
RepeatLoops the value t, so that it is never larger than length and never smaller than 0.
RoundReturns f rounded to the nearest integer.
RoundToIntReturns f rounded to the nearest integer.
SignReturns the sign of f.
SinReturns the sine of angle f.
SmoothDampGradually moves the current value towards a target value, over a specified time and at a specified velocity.
SmoothDampAngleGradually changes an angle given in degrees towards a desired goal angle over time.
SmoothStepInterpolates between min and max with smoothing at the limits.
SqrtReturns square root of f.
TanReturns the tangent of angle f in radians.