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"This enumeration type describes the various actions an app can take while it is running in the background on iOS. The values are flags, meaning they can be combined with the | operator.


NoneNo background modes are necessary.
AudioAirplayPiPThe app plays or records audio while in the background.
LocationUpdatesThe app keeps the user informed of their location.
VoiceOverIPThe app provides Voice over IP functionality.
NewsstandDownloadsThe app downloads Newsstand content.
ExternalAccessoryCommunicationThe app communicates with external hardware accessories.
UsesBluetoothLEAccessoryThe app works with Bluetooth accessories.
ActsAsABluetoothLEAccessoryThe app acts as a Bluetooth accessory.
BackgroundFetchThe app downloads small amounts of data regularly.
RemoteNotificationsThe app needs to download content when a push notification arrives without delay.