Version: 2020.3
  • C#

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class in UnityEngine.Android


Inherits from:AndroidJavaProxy


Implemented in:UnityEngine.AndroidJNIModule

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Contains callbacks invoked when permission request is executed using Permission.RequestUserPermission.


PermissionDeniedExecuted when user chooses Deny when requesting permission.
PermissionDeniedAndDontAskAgainExecuted when user chooses Deny And Don't Ask Again when requesting permission.
PermissionGrantedExecuted when user chooses Allow when requesting permission.

Inherited Members


javaInterfaceJava interface implemented by the proxy.

Public Methods

equalsThe equivalent of the java.lang.Object equals() method.
hashCodeThe equivalent of the java.lang.Object hashCode() method.
InvokeCalled by the java vm whenever a method is invoked on the java proxy interface. You can override this to run special code on method invokation, or you can leave the implementation as is, and leave the default behavior which is to look for c# methods matching the signature of the java method.
toStringThe equivalent of the java.lang.Object toString() method.