Version: 2022.3
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class in UnityEditor.Callbacks


Inherits from:CallbackOrderAttribute

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Add this attribute to a method to get a notification just after building the Scene.

A method with this attribute will also get called when entering Playmode, when SceneManager.LoadScene is called.

PostProcessSceneAttribute has an option to provide an order index in the callback, starting at 0. This is useful if you have more than one OnPostprocessScene callback, and you would like them to be called in a certain order. Callbacks are called in order, starting at zero. Note that if the scene or related content in the project is unchanged from the previous player build, the scene will not be built and instead cached player build data will be used. In this case the callback will not be called.

Additional resources: IProcessSceneWithReport

// C# example:
// Automatically creates a game object with a primitive mesh renderer and appropriate collider.
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEditor.Callbacks;

public class MyScenePostprocessor { [PostProcessSceneAttribute (2)] public static void OnPostprocessScene() { GameObject cube = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Cube); cube.transform.position = new Vector3(0.0f, 0.5f, 0.0f); } }

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