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Inherits from:Object

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User build settings for the Editor

Additional resources: EditorBuildSettings.

Static Properties

activeBuildTargetThe currently active build target.
activeScriptCompilationDefinesDEFINE directives for the compiler.
allowDebuggingEnable source-level debuggers to connect.
androidBuildSubtargetAndroid platform options.
androidCreateSymbolsSpecifies the type of symbol package to create.
androidETC2FallbackETC2 texture decompression fallback on Android devices that don't support ETC2.
buildAppBundleSet to true to build an Android App Bundle (aab file) instead of an apk. The default value is false.
buildScriptsOnlyIs build script only enabled.
buildWithDeepProfilingSupportEnables Deep Profiling support in the player.
compressFilesInPackageCompress files in package.
connectProfilerStart the player with a connection to the profiler.
developmentEnables a development build.
explicitArrayBoundsChecksAre array bounds actively validated?
explicitDivideByZeroChecksAre divide by zero's actively validated?
explicitNullChecksAre null references actively validated?
exportAsGoogleAndroidProjectExport Android Project for use with Android Studio/Gradle.
forceInstallationForce installation of package, even if error.
installInBuildFolderPlace the built player in the build folder.
iOSXcodeBuildConfigThe scheme Xcode uses to run this project.
macOSXcodeBuildConfigThe scheme Xcode uses to run this project.
managedDebuggerFixedPortForce the port used by the managed debugger. Default is 0 which means platform-specific auto-selection of a port.
movePackageToDiscOuterEdgePlaces the package on the outer edge of the disk.
needSubmissionMaterialsBuild submission materials.
overrideMaxTextureSizeThe override for the maximum texture size when importing assets.
overrideTextureCompressionThe asset importing override of texture compression.
ps4BuildSubtargetPS4 Build Subtarget.
ps4HardwareTargetSpecifies which version of PS4 hardware to target.
selectedBuildTargetGroupThe currently selected build target group.
selectedStandaloneTargetThe currently selected target for a standalone build.
standaloneBuildSubtargetDesktop standalone build subtarget.
streamingInstallLaunchRangeWhen building an Xbox One Streaming Install package (makepkg.exe) The layout generation code in Unity will assign each Scene and associated assets to individual chunks. Unity will mark Scene 0 as being part of the launch range, IE the set of chunks required to launch the game, you may include additional Scenes in this launch range if you desire, this specifies a range of Scenes (starting at 0) to be included in the launch set.
symlinkSourcesSymlink sources when generating the project.
waitForManagedDebuggerInstructs the player to wait for managed debugger to attach before executing any script code.
waitForPlayerConnectionSets the Player to wait for player connection on player start.
webGLBuildSubtargetWebGL Build subtarget.
windowsDevicePortalAddressSpecifies the Windows DevicePortal connection address of the device to deploy and launch the UWP app on when using Build and Run.
windowsDevicePortalPasswordSpecifies the Windows DevicePortal password for the device to deploy and launch the UWP app on when using Build and Run.
windowsDevicePortalUsernameSpecifies the Windows DevicePortal username for the device to deploy and launch the UWP app on when using Build and Run.
wsaBuildAndRunDeployTargetSets and gets the Windows device to launch the UWP app when using Build and Run.
wsaUWPBuildTypeThe build type for the Universal Windows Platform.
wsaUWPSDKSets and gets target UWP SDK to build Windows Store application against.
wsaUWPVisualStudioVersionSets and gets Visual Studio version to build Windows Store application with.
xboxBuildSubtargetXbox Build subtarget.
xboxOneDeployDriveThe currently selected Xbox One Deploy Drive.
xboxOneDeployMethodThe currently selected Xbox One Deploy Method.
xboxOneRebootIfDeployFailsAndRetrySets the XBox to reboot and redeploy when the deployment fails.

Static Methods

GetBuildLocationGet the current location for the build.
SetBuildLocationSet a new location for the build.
SwitchActiveBuildTargetSelect a new build target to be active.
SwitchActiveBuildTargetAsyncSelect a new build target to be active during the next Editor update.

Inherited Members


hideFlagsShould the object be hidden, saved with the Scene or modifiable by the user?
nameThe name of the object.

Public Methods

GetInstanceIDGets the instance ID of the object.
ToStringReturns the name of the object.

Static Methods

DestroyRemoves a GameObject, component or asset.
DestroyImmediateDestroys the object obj immediately. You are strongly recommended to use Destroy instead.
DontDestroyOnLoadDo not destroy the target Object when loading a new Scene.
FindAnyObjectByTypeRetrieves any active loaded object of Type type.
FindFirstObjectByTypeRetrieves the first active loaded object of Type type.
FindObjectOfTypeReturns the first active loaded object of Type type.
FindObjectsByTypeRetrieves a list of all loaded objects of Type type.
FindObjectsOfTypeGets a list of all loaded objects of Type type.
InstantiateClones the object original and returns the clone.
InstantiateAsyncCaptures a snapshot of the original object (that must be related to some GameObject) and returns the AsyncInstantiateOperation.


boolDoes the object exist?
operator !=Compares if two objects refer to a different object.
operator ==Compares two object references to see if they refer to the same object.