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Blend operation.

The blend operation that is used to combine the pixel shader output with the render target. This can be passed through Material.SetInt() to change the blend operation during runtime.

Note that the logical operations are only supported in Gamma (non-sRGB) colorspace, on DX11.1 hardware running on DirectX 11.1 runtime.

Advanced OpenGL blend operations are supported only on hardware supporting either GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced or GL_NV_blend_equation_advanced and may require use of GL.RenderTargetBarrier. In addition, the shaders that are used with the advanced blend operations must have a UNITY_REQUIRE_ADVANDED_BLEND(mode) declaration in the shader code where mode is one of the blend operations or "all_equations" for supporting all advanced blend operations (see the KHR_blend_equation_advanced spec for other values).


AddAdd (s + d).
ReverseSubtractReverse subtract.
LogicalClearLogical Clear (0).
LogicalSetLogical SET (1) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalCopyLogical Copy (s) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalCopyInvertedLogical inverted Copy (!s) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalNoopLogical No-op (d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalInvertLogical Inverse (!d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalAndLogical AND (s & d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalNandLogical NAND !(s & d). D3D11.1 only.
LogicalOrLogical OR (s | d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalNorLogical NOR !(s | d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalXorLogical XOR (s XOR d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalEquivalenceLogical Equivalence !(s XOR d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalAndReverseLogical reverse AND (s & !d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalAndInvertedLogical inverted AND (!s & d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalOrReverseLogical reverse OR (s | !d) (D3D11.1 only).
LogicalOrInvertedLogical inverted OR (!s | d) (D3D11.1 only).
MultiplyMultiply (Advanced OpenGL blending).
ScreenScreen (Advanced OpenGL blending).
OverlayOverlay (Advanced OpenGL blending).
DarkenDarken (Advanced OpenGL blending).
LightenLighten (Advanced OpenGL blending).
ColorDodgeColor dodge (Advanced OpenGL blending).
ColorBurnColor burn (Advanced OpenGL blending).
HardLightHard light (Advanced OpenGL blending).
SoftLightSoft light (Advanced OpenGL blending).
DifferenceDifference (Advanced OpenGL blending).
ExclusionExclusion (Advanced OpenGL blending).
HSLHueHSL Hue (Advanced OpenGL blending).
HSLSaturationHSL saturation (Advanced OpenGL blending).
HSLColorHSL color (Advanced OpenGL blending).
HSLLuminosityHSL luminosity (Advanced OpenGL blending).