Version: 2022.3
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.iOS.Xcode

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This class allows you to add and modify the specifics of Xcode project capabilities. If you wish to simply enable a capability and edit the capabilities options in Xcode use PBXProject.AddCapability instead.


ProjectCapabilityManagerCreates a new ProjectCapabilityManager object.

Public Methods

AddAccessWiFiInformationAdds the Access WiFi Information capability.
AddAppGroupsAdd the App Groups capability.
AddApplePayAdd the Apple Pay capability.
AddAssociatedDomainsAdd the Associated Domains capability.
AddBackgroundModesAdd the Background Modes capability.
AddDataProtectionAdd the Data Protection capability.
AddGameCenterAdd the GameCenter capability.
AddHealthKitAdd the HealthKit capability.
AddHomeKitAdd the HomeKit capability.
AddiCloudiCloud Storage APIs enable your apps to store data and documents in iCloud.
AddInAppPurchaseAdd the In-App Purchase capability.
AddInterAppAudioAdd the Inter-App Audio capability.
AddKeychainSharingAdd the Keychain Sharing capability.
AddMapsAdd the Maps capability.
AddPersonalVPNAdd the Personal VPN capability.
AddPushNotificationsAdd the Apple Push Notifications capability.
AddSignInWithAppleAdd the Sign in with Apple capability.
AddSiriAdd the Siri capability.
AddWalletAdd the Wallet capability.
AddWirelessAccessoryConfigurationAdd the Wireless Accessory Configuration capability.
WriteToFileSaves the project file to disk.