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Options for generating meshes.

Use this enum with XRMeshSubsystem.GenerateMeshAsync to tell Unity how to handle data from the mesh provider.

The mesh provider can supply a transform along with the mesh data. When this happens, the value of MeshGenerationOptions determines what Unity does with the supplied transform. If ConsumeTransform is set, Unity ignores the supplied transform. Otherwise, Unity applies the supplied transform to the vertices of the mesh, and rebakes the physics mesh. These transformation and rebaking operations can be CPU-intensive; if you do not need to perform these operations, you should set ConsumeTransform.

If the mesh provider does not supply a transform, the value of MeshGenerationOptions has no effect.

Additional resources: XRMeshSubsystem.GenerateMeshAsync, MeshGenerationResult


NoneNo options are specified.
ConsumeTransformIndicates you plan to consume the resulting mesh's transform.