Version: 2022.3
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class in UnityEngine.UIElements


Implemented in:UnityEngine.UIElementsModule

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The base class for all UIElements events. The class implements IDisposable to ensure proper release of the event from the pool and of any unmanaged resources, when necessary.


bubbles Returns whether this event type bubbles up in the event propagation path.
currentTarget The current target of the event. This is the VisualElement, in the propagation path, for which event handlers are currently being executed.
dispatch Indicates whether the event is being dispatched to a visual element. An event cannot be redispatched while it being dispatched. If you need to recursively dispatch an event, it is recommended that you use a copy of the event.
eventTypeId Retrieves the type ID for this event instance.
imguiEvent The IMGUIEvent at the source of this event. The source can be null since not all events are generated by IMGUI.
isDefaultPrevented Returns true if the default actions should not be executed for this event.
isImmediatePropagationStopped Indicates whether StopImmediatePropagation() was called for this event.
isPropagationStopped Whether StopPropagation() was called for this event.
originalMousePosition The original mouse position of the IMGUI event, before it is transformed to the current target local coordinates.
pooled Whether the event is allocated from a pool of events.
propagationPhase The current propagation phase for this event.
target The target visual element that received this event. Unlike currentTarget, this target does not change when the event is sent to other elements along the propagation path.
timestamp The time when the event was created, in milliseconds.
tricklesDown Returns whether this event is sent down the event propagation path during the TrickleDown phase.

Public Methods

Dispose Implementation of IDisposable.
PreventDefault Indicates whether the default actions are prevented from being executed for this event.
StopImmediatePropagation Immediately stops the propagation of the event. The event isn't sent to other elements along the propagation path. This method prevents other event handlers from executing on the current target.
StopPropagation Stops propagating this event. The event is not sent to other elements along the propagation path. This method does not prevent other event handlers from executing on the current target.

Protected Methods

Init Resets all event members to their initial values.

Static Methods

RegisterEventType Registers an event class to the event type system.