Version: 2021.3
  • C#


struct in UnityEngine.Animations


Implemented in:UnityEngine.AnimationModule

Implements interfaces:IPlayable

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A Playable that controls an AnimationClip.

NOTE: You can use PlayableExtensions methods with AnimationClipPlayable objects.

Public Methods

GetAnimationClipReturns the AnimationClip stored in the AnimationClipPlayable.
GetApplyFootIKReturns the state of the ApplyFootIK flag.
GetApplyPlayableIKReturns the state of the ApplyPlayableIK flag.
SetApplyFootIKSets the value of the ApplyFootIK flag.
SetApplyPlayableIKRequests OnAnimatorIK to be called on the animated GameObject.

Static Methods

CreateCreates an AnimationClipPlayable in the PlayableGraph.