Version: 2022.3
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.XR


Inherits from:IntegratedSubsystemDescriptor


Implemented in:UnityEngine.XRModule

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Class providing information about XRDisplaySubsystem registration.


disablesLegacyVrIndicates whether legacy VR settings must be disabled for the subsystem. Set to true if the Editor must disable the legacy VR settings disabled; otherwise false.
enableBackBufferMSAAIndicates whether MSAA must be resolved in the back buffer. Set to true if MSAA needs to be resolved in the back buffer; otherwise false.

Public Methods

GetAvailableMirrorBlitModeCountGet current display subsystem's total number of supported mirror blit modes.
GetMirrorBlitModeByIndexGet a supported mirror view blit mode from the current display subsystem descriptor.

Inherited Members


idA unique string that identifies the subsystem that this Descriptor can create.