Version: 2022.3
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struct in UnityEngine.XR


Implemented in:UnityEngine.XRModule

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Defines an input device in the XR input subsystem.

To retrieve input features or route haptic feedback to XR input devices, specify an XRNode as the destination. Use XRNode.LeftHand and XRNode.RightHand to send haptic data to left or right devices. You can send haptic data either as an impulse or as a buffer of raw bytes that is played back through the haptic device. You can stop haptic output or query the device for its buffered capabilities at any time.


characteristicsRead Only. A bitmask of enumerated flags describing the characteristics of this InputDevice.
isValidRead Only. True if the device is currently a valid input device; otherwise false.
manufacturerThe manufacturer of the connected Input Device.
nameRead Only. The name of the device in the XR system. This is a platform provided unique identifier for the device.
serialNumberThe serial number of the connected Input Device. Blank if no serial number is available.
subsystemGets the XRInputSubsystem that reported this InputDevice.

Public Methods

SendHapticBufferSends a raw buffer of haptic data to the device.
SendHapticImpulseSends a haptic impulse to a device.
StopHapticsStop all haptic playback for a device.
TryGetFeatureUsagesGets a list of all the input feature usages available on this device. For example, "Trigger" or "Device Position".
TryGetFeatureValueRetrieves information about the input feature specified by the Usage parameter. Those functions which take a time parameter allow querying for that feature at a particular point in time
TryGetHapticCapabilitiesGets the haptic capabilities of the device.