Version: 2020.3
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struct in UnityEngine


Implemented in:UnityEngine.PhysicsModule

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Drive applies forces and torques to the connected bodies.

Drive moves the body along one degree of freedom, be it a linear motion along a particular axis or a rotational motion around a particular axis. The drive will apply force to the body that is calculated from the current value of the drive, using this formula: F = stiffness * (currentPosition - target) - damping * (currentVelocity - targetVelocity). In this formula, currentPosition and currentVelocity are linear position and linear velocity in case of the linear drive. In case of the rotational drive, currentPosition and currentVelocity correspond to the angle and angular velocity respectively.


dampingThe damping of the spring attached to this drive.
forceLimitThe maximum force this drive can apply to a body.
lowerLimitThe lower limit of motion for a particular degree of freedom.
stiffnessThe stiffness of the spring connected to this drive.
targetThe target value the drive will try to reach.
targetVelocityThe velocity of the body this drive will try to reach.
upperLimitThe upper limit of motion for a particular degree of freedom.