Version: 2022.3
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Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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SortingLayer allows you to set the render order of multiple sprites easily. There is always a default SortingLayer named "Default" which all sprites are added to initially. Added more SortingLayers to easily control the order of rendering of groups of sprites. Layers can be ordered before or after the default layer.

See Also: Tags and Layers.

Static Properties

layersReturns all the layers defined in this project.
onLayerAddedDelegate for sorting layer events when a layer is added.
onLayerRemovedDelegate for sorting layer events when a layer is removed.


idThis is the unique id assigned to the layer. It is not an ordered running value and it should not be used to compare with other layers to determine the sorting order.
nameReturns the name of the layer as defined in the TagManager.
valueThis is the relative value that indicates the sort order of this layer relative to the other layers.

Static Methods

GetLayerValueFromIDReturns the final sorting layer value. To determine the sorting order between the various sorting layers, use this method to retrieve the final sorting value and use CompareTo to determine the order.
GetLayerValueFromNameReturns the final sorting layer value. See Also: GetLayerValueFromID.
IDToNameReturns the unique id of the layer. Will return "<unknown layer>" if an invalid id is given.
IsValidReturns true if the id provided is a valid layer id.
NameToIDReturns the id given the name. Will return 0 if an invalid name was given.


LayerCallbackCalls the methods in its invocation list when a sorting layer is added or removed.