Version: 2022.3
  • C#


interface in UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms

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The leaderboard contains the scores of all players for a particular game.

Each game can have multiple leaderboards with different scores. A leaderboard object can be customized to perform a particular query. The leaderboard ID defines which leaderboard is being queried and there are filters to narrow down the results, UserScope, TimeScope, Range and SetUserFilter. Use Social.CreateLeaderboard to create an instance of this object.


idUnique identifier for this leaderboard.
loadingThe leaderboad is in the process of loading scores.
localUserScoreThe leaderboard score of the logged in user.
maxRangeThe total amount of scores the leaderboard contains.
rangeThe rank range this leaderboard returns.
scoresThe leaderboard scores returned by a query.
timeScopeThe time period/scope searched by this leaderboard.
titleThe human readable title of this leaderboard.
userScopeThe users scope searched by this leaderboard.

Public Methods

LoadScoresLoad scores according to the filters set on this leaderboard.
SetUserFilterOnly search for these user IDs.