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Enumeration of all the muscles in the head.

These muscles are a sub-part of a human part.

See Also: HumanPartDof.


NeckFrontBackThe neck front-back muscle.
NeckLeftRightThe neck left-right muscle.
NeckRollLeftRightThe neck roll left-right muscle.
HeadFrontBackThe head front-back muscle.
HeadLeftRightThe head left-right muscle.
HeadRollLeftRightThe head roll left-right muscle.
LeftEyeDownUpThe left eye down-up muscle.
LeftEyeInOutThe left eye in-out muscle.
RightEyeDownUpThe right eye down-up muscle.
RightEyeInOutThe right eye in-out muscle.
JawDownUpThe jaw down-up muscle.
JawLeftRightThe jaw left-right muscle.
LastHeadDofThe last value of the HeadDof enum.

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