Version: 2020.3
  • C#

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class in UnityEngine.XR


Inherits from:IntegratedSubsystem


Implemented in:UnityEngine.XRModule

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XRInputSubsystem Instance is used to enable and disable the inputs coming from a specific plugin.

Starting up an XRInputSubsystem Instance will cause that plugin to start feeding input device data to the following InputTracking systems: XR.InputTracking.GetLocalPosition and XR.InputTracking.GetLocalRotation. Calling the Stop or Shutdown functions will disable polling any input device data for that plugin.

Public Methods

GetSupportedTrackingOriginModesGets all TrackingOriginModeFlags that this subsystem supports.
GetTrackingOriginModeGets the Tracking Origin Mode.
TryGetBoundaryPointsGets the list of 3D position values that represents the SDK-set boundary.
TryGetInputDevicesGets a list of all connected InputDevices reported by this XRInputSubsystem.
TryRecenterCenters the tracking features on all InputDevices to the current position and orientation of the head-mounted device.
TrySetTrackingOriginModeAttempts to set the TrackingOriginModeFlags of the subsystem.


boundaryChangedAn event that takes the delegate instance that the XRInputSubsystem calls when it changes its tracking boundary.
trackingOriginUpdatedAn event that takes the delegate instance that the XRInputSubsystem calls when it changes the origin it reports devices at.

Inherited Members


runningWhether or not the subsystem is running.

Public Methods

DestroyDestroys this instance of a subsystem.
StartStarts an instance of a subsystem.
StopStops an instance of a subsystem.