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The XR module contains the VR and AR related platform support functionality.


CommonUsagesDefines static variables that are used to retrieve input features from XR.InputDevice.TryGetFeatureValue.
InputDevicesAn interface for accessing devices in the XR input subsytem.
InputTrackingA collection of methods and properties for accessing XR input devices by their XR Node representation.
XRDisplaySubsystemAn XRDisplaySubsystem controls rendering to a head tracked display.
XRDisplaySubsystemDescriptorClass providing information about XRDisplaySubsystem registration.
XRInputSubsystemXRInputSubsystem Instance is used to enable and disable the inputs coming from a specific plugin.
XRInputSubsystemDescriptorInformation about an Input subsystem.
XRMeshSubsystemAllows external systems to provide dynamic meshes to Unity.
XRMeshSubsystemDescriptorInformation about an XRMeshSubsystem.
XRStatsProvides timing and other statistics from XR subsystems.


BoneA tracked bone on the device at an XRNode in the XR input subsystem.
EyesContains eye tracking data from the device at an XRNode in the XR input subsystem.
HandA tracked hand on the device at an XRNode in the XR input subsystem.
HapticCapabilitiesDescribes the haptic capabilities of the device at an XRNode in the XR input subsystem.
InputDeviceDefines an input device in the XR input subsystem.
InputFeatureUsageDefines a generic usage that maps to an input feature on a device. Use the As method to turn into a generic usage.
InputFeatureUsage<T0>Defines a generic usage that maps to an input feature on a device.
MeshGenerationResultContains event information related to a generated mesh.
MeshIdA session-unique identifier for trackables in the environment, e.g., planes and feature points.
MeshInfoContains state information related to a tracked mesh.
MeshTransformContains transform information related to a tracked mesh.
XRMirrorViewBlitModeEngine reserved blit modes. Blit mode capabilities should be queried from XRDisplaySubsystemDescriptor.GetAvailableMirrorBlitModeCount and XRDisplaySubsystemDescriptor.GetMirrorBlitModeByIndex.
XRMirrorViewBlitModeDescStruct that describes the mirror view blit mode.
XRNodeStateDescribes the state of a node tracked by an XR system.


HandFingerEnumeration describing the AR rendering mode used with Hand.
InputDeviceCharacteristicsA set of bit flags describing InputDevice characteristics.
InputDeviceRoleEnumeration describing the role of a InputDevice in providing input.
InputTrackingStateRepresents the values being tracked for this device.
MeshChangeStateThe state of a tracked mesh since the last query.
MeshGenerationOptionsOptions for generating meshes.
MeshGenerationStatusThe status of a XRMeshSubsystem.GenerateMeshAsync.
MeshVertexAttributesA set of vertex attributes.
TrackingOriginModeFlagsThis enum provides context to where the 0,0,0 point of tracking for InputDevices is.
XRNodeEnumeration of XR nodes which can be updated by XR input or sent haptic data.