Version: 2022.3
  • C#


struct in Unity.Profiling.LowLevel.Unsafe


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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Describes Profiler metadata parameter that can be associated with a sample.

Used with ProfilerUnsafeUtility.BeginSampleWithMetadata method. The Type value defines the data type Ptr points to. The value must be a ProfilerMarkerDataType enum value.

using Unity.Collections.LowLevel.Unsafe;
using Unity.Profiling;
using Unity.Profiling.LowLevel;
using Unity.Profiling.LowLevel.Unsafe;
using System;

class Example { static IntPtr MakeMarkerWithIntMetadata(string name, string paramName) { var handle = ProfilerUnsafeUtility.CreateMarker(name, ProfilerUnsafeUtility.CategoryScripts, MarkerFlags.Default, 1); ProfilerUnsafeUtility.SetMarkerMetadata(handle, 0, paramName, (byte)ProfilerMarkerDataType.Int32, (byte)ProfilerMarkerDataUnit.Count); return handle; }

static readonly IntPtr markerHandle = MakeMarkerWithIntMetadata("MyMarker", "Work Idx");

static unsafe void DoWork(int num) { var metadata = stackalloc ProfilerMarkerData[1]; metadata[0].Type = (byte)ProfilerMarkerDataType.Int32; metadata[0].Size = (uint)UnsafeUtility.SizeOf<int>(); metadata[0].Ptr = UnsafeUtility.AddressOf(ref num); ProfilerUnsafeUtility.BeginSampleWithMetadata(markerHandle, 1, metadata); //... ProfilerUnsafeUtility.EndSample(markerHandle); } }


PtrRaw pointer to the metadata value.
SizeSize of the metadata value in bytes.
TypeMetadata type.