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The InputLegacy module implements the Input class used to read player Input.


AndroidInputAndroidInput provides support for off-screen touch input, such as a touchpad.
CompassInterface into compass functionality.
GyroscopeInterface into the Gyroscope.
InputInterface into the Input system.
LocationServiceProvides methods that allow an application to access the device's location.


AccelerationEventStructure describing acceleration status of the device.
LocationInfoStructure describing device location.
PenDataStructure describing the status of a pen event.
TouchStructure describing the status of a finger touching the screen.


DeviceOrientationDescribes physical orientation of the device as determined by the OS.
IMECompositionModeControls IME input.
LocationServiceStatusDescribes the location service status for a device.
PenEventTypeIndicates the type of action of a pen event.
PenStatusOptions for specifying the state of the pen. For example, whether the pen is in contact with the screen or tablet, whether the pen is inverted, and whether buttons are pressed. You can combine states using bitwise OR operators.
TouchPhaseDescribes phase of a finger touch.
TouchTypeDescribes whether a touch is direct, indirect (or remote), or from a stylus.