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struct in UnityEngine


Implemented in:UnityEngine.AnimationModule

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Information about clip being played and blended by the Animator.

//Create a GameObject and attach an Animator component (Click the Add Component button in the Inspector of the GameObject and go to Miscellaneous>Animator). Set up the Animator how you would like.
//Attach this script to the GameObject

//This script outputs the current clip from the Animator to the console using UnityEngine;

public class AnimationClipInfoClipExample : MonoBehaviour { Animator m_Animator; AnimatorClipInfo[] m_AnimatorClipInfo;

// Use this for initialization void Start() { //Fetch the Animator component from the GameObject m_Animator = GetComponent<Animator>(); //Get the animator clip information from the Animator Controller m_AnimatorClipInfo = m_Animator.GetCurrentAnimatorClipInfo(0); //Output the name of the starting clip Debug.Log("Starting clip : " + m_AnimatorClipInfo[0].clip); } }


clipReturns the animation clip played by the Animator.
weightReturns the blending weight used by the Animator to blend this clip.

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