Version: 2022.3
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struct in UnityEngine


Implemented in:UnityEngine.Physics2DModule

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Returns information about an object detected by a raycast in 2D physics.

A raycast is used to detect objects that lie along the path of a ray and is conceptually like firing a laser beam into the Scene and observing which objects are hit by it. The RaycastHit2D class is used by Physics2D.Raycast and other functions to return information about the objects detected by raycasts.

Additional resources: Physics2D.Raycast, Ray2D class.


centroidThe centroid of the primitive used to perform the cast.
colliderThe collider hit by the ray.
distanceThe distance from the ray origin to the impact point.
fractionFraction of the distance along the ray that the hit occurred.
normalThe normal vector of the surface hit by the ray.
pointThe point in world space where the ray hit the collider's surface.
rigidbodyThe Rigidbody2D attached to the object that was hit.
transformThe Transform of the object that was hit.