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class in UnityEngine

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Controls the global audio settings from script.

Setup speaker output and format.

Static Variables

driverCapabilitiesReturns the speaker mode capability of the current audio driver. (Read Only)
dspTimeReturns the current time of the audio system.
outputSampleRateGet the mixer's current output rate.
speakerModeGets the current speaker mode. Default is 2 channel stereo.

Static Functions

GetConfigurationReturns the current configuration of the audio device and system. The values in the struct may then be modified and reapplied via AudioSettings.Reset.
GetDSPBufferSizeGet the mixer's buffer size in samples.
ResetPerforms a change of the device configuration. In response to this the AudioSettings.OnAudioConfigurationChanged delegate is invoked with the argument deviceWasChanged=false. It cannot be guaranteed that the exact settings specified can be used, but the an attempt is made to use the closest match supported by the system.


AudioConfigurationChangeHandlerA delegate called whenever the global audio settings are changed, either by AudioSettings.Reset or by an external device change such as the OS control panel changing the sample rate or because the default output device was changed, for example when plugging in an HDMI monitor or a USB headset.