Version: 2022.3
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struct in UnityEngine.Rendering


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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A struct that represents filtering settings for ScriptableRenderContext.DrawRenderers.

A FilteringSettings struct describes how to filter the set of objects that ScriptableRenderContext.DrawRenderers receives, so that Unity draws a subset of them.

Additional resources: ScriptableRenderContext.DrawRenderers, Creating a simple render loop in a custom render pipeline.

Static Properties

defaultValueCreates a FilteringSettings struct that contains default values for all properties. With these default values, Unity does not perform any filtering.


excludeMotionVectorObjectsDetermines if Unity excludes GameObjects that are in motion from rendering. This refers to GameObjects that have an active Motion Vector pass assigned to their Material or have set the Motion Vector mode to per object motion (Menu: Mesh Renderer > Additional Settings > Motion Vectors > Per Object Motion). For Unity to exclude a GameObject from rendering, the GameObject must have moved since the last frame. To exclude a GameObject manually, enable a Motion Vector pass.
layerMaskUnity renders objects whose GameObject.layer value is enabled in this bit mask.
renderingLayerMaskUnity renders objects whose Renderer.renderingLayerMask value is enabled in this bit mask.
renderQueueRangeUnity renders objects whose Material.renderQueue value is within range specified by this RenderQueueRange.
sortingLayerRangeUnity renders objects whose SortingLayer.value value is within range specified by this SortingLayerRange.


FilteringSettingsCreates a FilteringSettings struct for use with ScriptableRenderContext.DrawRenderers.