Version: 2019.2
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Implemented in:UnityEditor

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WebGL specific player settings.

Static Properties

compressionFormatCompressionFormat defines the compression type that the WebGL resources are encoded to.
dataCachingEnables automatic caching of unityweb files.
debugSymbolsEnables generation of debug symbols file in the build output directory.
exceptionSupportException support for WebGL builds.
linkerTargetAllows you to specify the web build format that is used when you build your project.
memorySizeMemory size for WebGL builds in Megabyte.
nameFilesAsHashesEnables using MD5 hash of the uncompressed file contents as a filename for each file in the build.
templatePath to the WebGL template asset.
threadsSupportEnable Multithreading support.
wasmStreamingEnable WebAssembly streaming compilation.

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