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struct in Unity.Collections


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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A NativeArray exposes a buffer of native memory to managed code, making it possible to share data between managed and native without marshalling costs.

Behind the scenes, NativeArrays provide systems that allows them to be used safely with jobs, and automatic tracking of memory leaks.


IsCreatedIndicates that the NativeArray has an allocated memory buffer.
LengthNumber of elements in the NativeArray.
this[int]Access NativeArray elements by index. Notice that structs are returned by value and not by reference.


NativeArray_1Creates a new NativeArray from an existing array of elements.

Public Methods

CopyFromCopy all the elements from another NativeArray or managed array of the same length.
CopyToCopy all elements to another NativeArray or managed array of the same length.
DisposeDisposes the NativeArray.
EqualsCompares to NativeArray.
GetEnumeratorGet enumerator.
GetHashCodeReturns a hash code for the current instance.
ToArrayConvert NativeArray to array.

Static Methods

CopyCopies a range of elements from a source array to a destination array, starting from the source index and copying them to the destination index.

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