Version: 2022.3
  • C#


struct in Unity.Profiling


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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Use to specify category for instrumentation Profiler markers.

using Unity.Profiling;

public class MySystemClass { static readonly ProfilerMarker s_SimulatePerfMarker = new ProfilerMarker(ProfilerCategory.Ai, "MySystem.Simulate");

public void UpdateLogic() { using (s_SimulatePerfMarker.Auto()) { // ... } } }

Additional resources: ProfilerMarker.

Static Properties

AiAI and NavMesh Profiler category.
AnimationAnimation Profiler category.
AudioAudio system Profiler category.
FileIOFile IO Profiler category.
GuiUI Profiler category.
InputInput system Profiler category.
InternalInternal Unity systems Profiler category.
LightingGlobal Illumination Profiler category.
LoadingLoading system Profiler category.
MemoryMemory allocation Profiler category.
NetworkNetworking system Profiler category.
ParticlesParticle system Profiler category.
PhysicsPhysics system Profiler category.
Physics2DThe Physics 2D system category for the Profiler.
RenderRendering system Profiler category.
ScriptsGeneric C# code Profiler category.
VideoVideo system Profiler category.
VirtualTexturingVirtual Texturing system Profiler category.
VrVR systen Profiler category.


ColorGets Profiler category color.
NameGets Profiler category name.


ProfilerCategoryUse to construct ProfilerCategory by category name.