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Implemented in:UnityEngine.AnimationModule

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The mapping between a bone in the model and the conceptual bone in the Mecanim human anatomy.

The names of the Mecanim human bone and the bone in the model are stored along with the limiting muscle values that constrain the bone's rotation during animation.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { Dictionary<string, string> boneName = new System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>(); boneName["Chest"] = "Bip001 Spine2"; boneName["Head"] = "Bip001 Head"; boneName["Hips"] = "Bip001 Pelvis"; boneName["LeftFoot"] = "Bip001 L Foot"; boneName["LeftHand"] = "Bip001 L Hand"; boneName["LeftLowerArm"] = "Bip001 L Forearm"; boneName["LeftLowerLeg"] = "Bip001 L Calf"; boneName["LeftShoulder"] = "Bip001 L Clavicle"; boneName["LeftUpperArm"] = "Bip001 L UpperArm"; boneName["LeftUpperLeg"] = "Bip001 L Thigh"; boneName["RightFoot"] = "Bip001 R Foot"; boneName["RightHand"] = "Bip001 R Hand"; boneName["RightLowerArm"] = "Bip001 R Forearm"; boneName["RightLowerLeg"] = "Bip001 R Calf"; boneName["RightShoulder"] = "Bip001 R Clavicle"; boneName["RightUpperArm"] = "Bip001 R UpperArm"; boneName["RightUpperLeg"] = "Bip001 R Thigh"; boneName["Spine"] = "Bip001 Spine1"; string[] humanName = HumanTrait.BoneName; HumanBone[] humanBones = new HumanBone[boneName.Count]; int j = 0; int i = 0; while (i < humanName.Length) { if (boneName.ContainsKey(humanName[i])) { HumanBone humanBone = new HumanBone(); humanBone.humanName = humanName[i]; humanBone.boneName = boneName[humanName[i]]; humanBone.limit.useDefaultValues = true; humanBones[j++] = humanBone; } i++; } } }


boneNameThe name of the bone to which the Mecanim human bone is mapped.
humanNameThe name of the Mecanim human bone to which the bone from the model is mapped.
limitThe rotation limits that define the muscle for this bone.

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