Version: 2019.4
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public static TypeCache.TypeCollection GetTypesDerivedFrom();
public static TypeCache.TypeCollection GetTypesDerivedFrom(Type parentType);


parentTypeType of a class or interface.


TypeCollection Returns a collection of derived types.


Retrieves a collection of types derived from the T type.

This method provides fast access to all classes loaded in Unity domain assemblies that are derived from a specific class or implement a specific interface. Base class or interface can be a generic.

using UnityEditor;

public class Example { static void ScanAssetPostprocessors() { var extractedTypes = TypeCache.GetTypesDerivedFrom<AssetPostprocessor>(); foreach (var editors in extractedTypes) { //... } } }

Or classes which implement a specific interface.

using UnityEditor;

public interface IExampleInterface {}

public class Example { static void ScanInterfaceImplementers() { var extractedTypes = TypeCache.GetTypesDerivedFrom<IExampleInterface>(); foreach (var editors in extractedTypes) { //... } } }

Note: The returned TypeCollection is read-only and thread-safe.