Version: 2022.3
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public void SetPropertyBlock(MaterialPropertyBlock properties);


public void SetPropertyBlock(MaterialPropertyBlock properties, int materialIndex);


properties Property block with values you want to override.
materialIndex The index of the Material you want to override the parameters of. The index ranges from 0 to Renderer.sharedMaterials.Length-1.


Lets you set or clear per-renderer or per-material parameter overrides.

This is recommended when only a few properties of a Material are different per object. This is more memory efficient than having one complete distinct Material per object.

You can also provide a Material index (from 0 to Renderer.materials.Length-1). In this case, only parameters of that Material are set. If there is both a per-renderer and a per-material block, only the per-Material block is used.

To disable any of per-Renderer or per-Material overrides, pass null as the property’s argument.

Additional resources: MaterialPropertyBlock, GetPropertyBlock.