Version: 2019.3
  • C#


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public static void Clear(bool clearDepth, bool clearColor, Color backgroundColor, float depth = 1.0f);


clearDepthShould the depth buffer be cleared?
clearColorShould the color buffer be cleared?
backgroundColorThe color to clear with, used only if clearColor is true.
depthThe depth to clear the z-buffer with, used only if clearDepth is true. The valid range is from 0 (near plane) to 1 (far plane). The value is graphics API agnostic: the abstraction layer will convert the value to match the convention of the current graphics API.


Clear the current render buffer.

This clears the screen or the active RenderTexture you are drawing into. The cleared area is limited by the active viewport. This operation might alter the model/view/projection matrices.

In most cases, a Camera will already be configured to clear the screen or RenderTexture and you will not need to perform this operation manually.

See Also: GL.ClearWithSkybox.