Version: 2022.3
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public int MoveKey(int index, Keyframe key);


index The index of the key to move.
key The keyframe containing the new time and value.


int The index of the keyframe after moving it.


Moves the key at index to key.time and key.value.

This method removes the keyframe at index and inserts the updated key at the correct sorted position in AnimationCurve.keys.
Use it to move a keyframe in two dimensions (time and value).

- In order for this method to behave as intended, you are expected to acquire the key using AnimationCurve.keys, modify the value and/or time, then invoke MoveKey with the updated keyframe. If used with a completely different keyframe, this method essentially replaces the key with a new one.
- Since AnimationCurve does not support having two keys with the same time, in the event where key.time conflicts with the time of another keyframe, key will be reinserted at the time of the keyframe at index, cancelling the move operation in the time dimension but keeping the modification in the value dimension.
- This method is used by the Unity curve editor to implement Keyframe dragging.

See Also: AnimationCurve.keys