Version: 2021.3
  • C#
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Obsolete This API is obsolete, and should no longer be used. Please use InputDevice.TryGetFeatureValue with the CommonUsages.devicePosition usage instead.


public static Vector3 GetLocalPosition(XR.XRNode node);


node Specifies which node's position should be returned.


Vector3 The position of the node in its local tracking space.


Note: This API has been marked as obsolete in code, and is no longer in use. Please use InputTracking.GetNodeStates and look for the XRNodeState with the corresponding XRNode type instead. Gets the position of a specific node.

This can be used to keep objects at the same position as the given node. For example, if the user picks up an object, you can use this method along with InputTracking.GetLocalRotation to ensure the object is correctly positioned and oriented to match the user's hand.

Note: This function doesn't work with the following XRNode types: GameController, TrackingReference, or HardwareTracker. Use the InputTracking.GetNodeStates method instead. See XRNode for more details.