Version: 2022.3
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public bool Intersects(Bounds bounds);


Does another bounding box intersect with this bounding box?

Check if the bounding box comes into contact with another bounding box. This returns a Boolean that is set to true if there is an intersection between bounds. Two bounds are intersecting if there is at least one point which is contained by both bounds.

//Attach this script to an empty GameObject. Create 2 more GameObjects and attach a Collider component on each. Choose these as the "My Object" and "New Object" in the Inspector.
//This script allows you to move your main GameObject left to right. If it intersects with the other, it outputs the message to the Console.

using UnityEngine;

public class BoundsIntersectExample : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject m_MyObject, m_NewObject; Collider m_Collider, m_Collider2;

void Start() { //Check that the first GameObject exists in the Inspector and fetch the Collider if (m_MyObject != null) m_Collider = m_MyObject.GetComponent<Collider>();

//Check that the second GameObject exists in the Inspector and fetch the Collider if (m_NewObject != null) m_Collider2 = m_NewObject.GetComponent<Collider>(); }

void Update() { //If the first GameObject's Bounds enters the second GameObject's Bounds, output the message if (m_Collider.bounds.Intersects(m_Collider2.bounds)) { Debug.Log("Bounds intersecting"); } } }