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public Vector2[] vertices;


Returns a copy of the array containing Sprite mesh vertex positions.

// Obtain the vertices from the script and modify the position of one of them. Use OverrideGeometry() for this.
//Attach this script to a Sprite GameObject
//To see the vertices changing, make sure you have your Scene tab visible while in Play mode.
//Press the "Draw Debug" Button in the Game tab during Play Mode to draw the shape. Switch back to the Scene tab to see the shape.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { private SpriteRenderer m_SpriteRenderer; private Rect buttonPos1; private Rect buttonPos2;

void Start() { m_SpriteRenderer = gameObject.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>(); buttonPos1 = new Rect(10.0f, 10.0f, 200.0f, 30.0f); buttonPos2 = new Rect(10.0f, 50.0f, 200.0f, 30.0f); }

void OnGUI() { //Press this Button to show the Sprite triangles (in the Scene tab) if (GUI.Button(buttonPos1, "Draw Debug")) DrawDebug(); //Press this Button to edit the vertices obtained from the Sprite if (GUI.Button(buttonPos2, "Perform OverrideGeometry")) ChangeSprite(); }

// Show the Sprite triangles void DrawDebug() { Sprite sprite = m_SpriteRenderer.sprite;

ushort[] triangles = sprite.triangles; Vector2[] vertices = sprite.vertices; int a, b, c;

// draw the triangles using grabbed vertices for (int i = 0; i < triangles.Length; i = i + 3) { a = triangles[i]; b = triangles[i + 1]; c = triangles[i + 2];

//To see these you must view the game in the Scene tab while in Play mode Debug.DrawLine(vertices[a], vertices[b],, 100.0f); Debug.DrawLine(vertices[b], vertices[c],, 100.0f); Debug.DrawLine(vertices[c], vertices[a],, 100.0f); } }

// Edit the vertices obtained from the Sprite. Use OverrideGeometry to // submit the changes. void ChangeSprite() { //Fetch the Sprite and vertices from the SpriteRenderer Sprite sprite = m_SpriteRenderer.sprite; Vector2[] spriteVertices = sprite.vertices;

for (int i = 0; i < spriteVertices.Length; i++) { spriteVertices[i].x = Mathf.Clamp( (sprite.vertices[i].x - - (sprite.textureRectOffset.x / sprite.texture.width) + sprite.bounds.extents.x) / (2.0f * sprite.bounds.extents.x) * sprite.rect.width, 0.0f, sprite.rect.width);

spriteVertices[i].y = Mathf.Clamp( (sprite.vertices[i].y - - (sprite.textureRectOffset.y / sprite.texture.height) + sprite.bounds.extents.y) / (2.0f * sprite.bounds.extents.y) * sprite.rect.height, 0.0f, sprite.rect.height);

// Make a small change to the second vertex if (i == 2) { //Make sure the vertices stay inside the Sprite rectangle if (spriteVertices[i].x < sprite.rect.size.x - 5) { spriteVertices[i].x = spriteVertices[i].x + 5; } else spriteVertices[i].x = 0; } } //Override the geometry with the new vertices sprite.OverrideGeometry(spriteVertices, sprite.triangles); } }