Version: 2022.3
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Install a UPM package from a local tarball file
Install a UPM package by name

Install a UPM package from a Git URL

The Package Manager can load a UPM packageA Package managed by the Unity Package Manager. Refer to Packages.
See in Glossary
from a Git repository on a remote server.


  • Install the Git client (minimum version 2.14.0) on your computer.
  • On Windows, add the Git executable path to the PATH system environment variable.
  • If the target repository tracks files with Git LFS, install the Git LFS client on your computer.
  • Read the information about using Git dependenciesThe Package Manager retrieves Git dependencies from a Git repository directly rather than from a package registry. Git dependencies use a Git URL reference instead of a version, and there’s no guarantee about the package quality, stability, validity, or even whether the version stated in its package.json file respects Semantic Versioning rules with regards to officially published releases of this package. More info
    See in Glossary
    in your project.


To load a UPM package from a Git URL:

  1. Open the add menu in the Package Manager’s toolbar.

  2. The options for adding packages appear.

    Add package from git URL button
    Add package from git URL button
  3. Select Add package from git URL from the add menu. A text box and an Add button appear.

  4. Enter a valid Git URL in the text box. For information about how to construct a valid Git URL, refer to Git URLs and extended syntax. Examples of valid Git URLs include:
    • (if your package is in the root of the repository).
    • (if your package is in a subfolder within the repository).
  5. Select Add.

If Unity was able to install the package successfully, the package now appears in the package list with the label. If Unity wasn’t able to install the package, the Unity Console displays an error message, such as:

Click on an error message link to get some help for it on the Troubleshooting page.

Tip: If you want to check for updates and update your Git dependency to the latest version from the repository, click Update. You can also use the Add package from git URL menu item to update your Git dependency. For information on Git dependencies, see Locked Git dependencies.

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