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Velocity over Lifetime module

The Velocity over Lifetime module allows you to control the velocity of particles over their lifetime.

Using the Velocity over Lifetime module

This module is part of the Particle SystemA component that simulates fluid entities such as liquids, clouds and flames by generating and animating large numbers of small 2D images in the scene. More info
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component. When you create a new Particle System GameObjectThe fundamental object in Unity scenes, which can represent characters, props, scenery, cameras, waypoints, and more. A GameObject’s functionality is defined by the Components attached to it. More info
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, or add a Particle System component to an exiting GameObject, Unity adds the Velocity over Lifetime module to the Particle System. By default, Unity disables this module. To create a new Particle System and enable this module:

  1. Click GameObject > Effects > Particle System.
  2. In the InspectorA Unity window that displays information about the currently selected GameObject, asset or project settings, allowing you to inspect and edit the values. More info
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    , find the Particle System component.
  3. In the Particle System component, find the Velocity over Lifetime module fold-out.
  4. To the left of the fold-out header, enable the checkbox.


Since this module is part of the Particle System component, you access it through the ParticleSystem class. For information on how to access it and change values at runtime, see the Velocity over Lifetime module API documentation.


For some properties in this section, you can use different modes to set their value. For information on the modes you can use, see Varying properties over time.

Property Function
Linear X, Y, Z Linear velocity of particles in the X, Y and Z axes.
Space Specifies whether the Linear X, Y, Z axes refer to local or world space.
Orbital X, Y, Z Orbital velocity of particles around the X, Y and Z axes.
Offset X, Y, Z The position of the center of orbit, for orbiting particles.
Radial Radial velocity of particles away from/towards the center position.
Speed Modifier Applies a multiplier to the speed of particles, along/around their current direction of travel.


To create particles that drift in a particular direction, use the Linear X, Y and Z curves.

To create effects with particles that spin around a center position, use the Orbital velocity values. Additionally, you can propel particles towards or away from a center position using the Radial velocity values. You can define a custom center of rotation for each particle by using the Offset value.

You can also use this module to adjust the speed of the particles in the Particle System without affecting their direction, by leaving all the above values at zero and only modifying the Speed Modifier value.

  • 2018–03–28 Page amended

  • Speed Modifier property added to Velocity over Lifetime module in 2017.3 NewIn20173

  • Orbital XYZ, Offset XYZ and Radial properties added to Velocity over Lifetime module in 2018.1 NewIn20181

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