Version: 2022.3
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Input events

The InputEvent is sent when the user submits text into a text field. This event updates when there is a change in focus, such as a PointerCaptureOutEvent that on a touch screen.

For default keyboard inputs, the inputEvent fires for each keystroke. InputEvent doesn’t fire when the TextField populates from an indirect source, such as an automated script.

Event Description Trickles down Bubbles up Cancellable
InputEvent Sent when data is input to a visual elementA node of a visual tree that instantiates or derives from the C# VisualElement class. You can style the look, define the behaviour, and display it on screen as part of the UI. More info
See in Glossary
, typically a control.

Unique properties

previousData: The former data.

newData: The new data.

Event list


Event sent when data is input to visual elements that implement TextInputBaseField. This event differs from ChangeEvent in that it’s sent for every input event in the control, even if the value of the control hasn’t changed.

target: The element where the input occurred.

Focus events
Keyboard events