Version: 2023.2
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Box collider component reference
Capsule collider component reference

Sphere collider component reference

The Sphere collider is a built-in sphere-shaped collider. It is useful for in-application items such as balls and marbles, or as a simple collider shape that you can stretch and scale to make marbles, projectiles, planets, and other spherical objects. Sphere colliders are also useful for items that need to roll and tumble, such as falling boulders.

The Sphere collider has relatively low resource requirements.

프로퍼티 설명
Edit Collider Enable the Edit Collider button to display the collider’s contact points in the Scene view. You can click and drag these contact points to modify the size and shape of the collider. Alternatively, use the Center and Size properties.
Is Trigger If enabled, this collider is used for triggering events, and is ignored by the physics engine.
Provides Contacts Enable Provides Contacts to generate contact information for this collider at all times. Usually, a collider only generates contact data if there is something to send it to; in this case, the messages OnCollisionEnter, OnCollisionStay, or OnCollisionExit. When Provides Contacts is enabled, the collider generates contact data for the physics system at all times. Contact generation is resource-intensive, so Provides Contacts is disabled by default.
Material Reference to the Physics Material that determines how this collider interacts with others.
Center The position of the collider in the object’s local space.
Radius The size of the collider. This is the only available property for resizing the collider; it is not possible to resize along a specific axis (for example, to flatten the sphere into a non-spherical shape).

Layer overrides

The Layer Overrides section provides properties that allow you to override the project-wide Layer-based collision detection settings for this collider.

프로퍼티 설명
Layer Override Priority Define the priority of this collider override. When two colliders have conflicting overrides, the settings of the collider with the higher value priority are taken.
For example, if a collider with a Layer Override Priority of 1 collides with a Collider with a Layer Override Priority of 2, the physics system uses the settings for the Collider with the Layer Override Priority of 2.
Include Layers Choose which Layers to include in collisions with this collider.
Exclude Layers Choose which Layers to exclude in collisions with this collider.
Box collider component reference
Capsule collider component reference