Version: 2020.2
The Progressive Lightmapper
Lightmapping using Enlighten (deprecated)

The Progressive GPU Lightmapper (preview)

Note: This is a preview feature and is subject to change. If you have Scenes that use this feature, you might need to update them in a future release. Do not rely on this feature for full-scale production until it is officially released.

The Progressive GPU Lightmapper is a backend for the Progressive Lightmapper that uses your computer’s GPU and VRAM generate baked lightmaps and Light Probes.

Hardware and software requirements

プログレッシブ GPU ライトマッパーを使用するには、コンピューターに以下が必要です。

  • OpenCL 1.2 をサポートする少なくとも 1 つの GPU
  • At least 4 GB of dedicated GPU memory
  • A CPU that supports SSE4.1 instructions

If your computer has more than one GPU, Unity selects the same GPU that the Editor uses. You can also choose one GPU for rendering and a different GPU for light baking. For information on how to change this, see the Configure which GPU to use section of this page.

Note: If the baking process uses more than the available GPU memory, the process might fall back to the CPU Lightmapper. Some graphics drivers with virtual memory support swap to CPU memory instead, which makes the baking process slower.

Configure which GPU to use

You can select one GPU for rendering the Scene and another GPU for baking lighting. If the automatic GPU assignment doesn’t fit your needs, you can specify which GPU to use for baking.

To change the GPU that Unity uses for baking:

  1. Open the Lighting window (menu: Window > Rendering > Lighting).
  2. Navigate to the Workflow Settings section.
  3. Use the GPU Baking Device drop-down menu to select a GPU.

Progressive GPU limitations

The Progressive GPU Lightmapper does not support Baked LOD.

The Progressive Lightmapper
Lightmapping using Enlighten (deprecated)