Version: 2022.1
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UWP build settings

Building and delivering for Universal Windows Platform

Before building and delivering your UWP application, you can learn more about build settings, IL2CPP scripting backend, and deployment.

トピック 説明 
Universal Windows Platform build settings UWP のビルド設定 の UI に関する説明を記載しています。
UWP: Generated project with IL2CPP scripting backend Understand how Unity builds your application with IL2CPP.
UWP: Plugins on IL2CPP scripting backend Understand the different plugins used in IL2CPP scripting backend.
UWP: Debugging on IL2CPP scripting backend Debug your UWP build.
Universal Windows Platform: Deployment Deploy a UWP build.
Windows Device Portal Deployment デバイスポータルを使用して、リモートデバイス上でアプリケーションを構築し、実行します。
Known issues
UWP build settings