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class in UnityEngine.iOS


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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NotificationServices is only available on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

It is used for scheduling, registering and handling notifications.

Static Properties

deviceTokenDevice token received from Apple Push Service after calling NotificationServices.RegisterForRemoteNotificationTypes. (Read Only)
enabledNotificationTypesEnabled local and remote notification types.
localNotificationCountThe number of received local notifications. (Read Only)
localNotificationsThe list of objects representing received local notifications. (Read Only)
registrationErrorReturns an error that might occur on registration for remote notifications via NotificationServices.RegisterForRemoteNotificationTypes. (Read Only)
remoteNotificationCountThe number of received remote notifications. (Read Only)
remoteNotificationsThe list of objects representing received remote notifications. (Read Only)
scheduledLocalNotificationsAll currently scheduled local notifications.

Static Methods

CancelAllLocalNotificationsCancels the delivery of all scheduled local notifications.
CancelLocalNotificationCancels the delivery of the specified scheduled local notification.
ClearLocalNotificationsDiscards of all received local notifications.
ClearRemoteNotificationsDiscards of all received remote notifications.
GetLocalNotificationReturns an object representing a specific local notification. (Read Only)
GetRemoteNotificationReturns an object representing a specific remote notification. (Read Only)
PresentLocalNotificationNowPresents a local notification immediately.
RegisterForNotificationsRegister to receive local and remote notifications of the specified types from a provider via Apple Push Service.
ScheduleLocalNotificationSchedules a local notification.
UnregisterForRemoteNotificationsUnregister for remote notifications.

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