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class in UnityEditor.Compilation


Implemented in:UnityEditor

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Class that represents an assembly compiled by Unity.


allReferencesReturns Assembly.assemblyReferences and Assembly.compiledAssemblyReferences combined.This returns all assemblies that are passed to the compiler when building this assembly,.
assemblyReferencesAssembly references used to build this assembly.The references are also assemblies built as part of the Unity project.See Also: Assembly.compiledAssemblyReferences and Assembly.allReferences.
compiledAssemblyReferencesAssembly references to pre-compiled assemblies that used to build this assembly.See Also: Assembly.assemblyReferences and Assembly.allReferences.
compilerOptionsCompiler options used to compile the assembly.
definesThe defines used to compile this assembly.
flagsFlags for the assembly.See Also: AssemblyFlags.
nameThe name of the assembly.
outputPathThe full output file path of this assembly.
sourceFilesAll the souce files used to compile this assembly.



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