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struct in UnityEngine


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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Structure describing an Update Zone.

UpdateZones are used when updating the full custom render texture is not required. They are defined by a position, a size and a rotation inside the surface of the texture. Multiple Update Zones can be set up in order to update different parts of the texture at the same time. See Also: CustomRenderTexture.


needSwapIf true, and if the texture is double buffered, a request is made to swap the buffers before the next update. Otherwise, the buffers will not be swapped.
passIndexShader Pass used to update the Custom Render Texture for this Update Zone.
rotationRotation of the Update Zone.
updateZoneCenterPosition of the center of the Update Zone within the Custom Render Texture.
updateZoneSizeSize of the Update Zone.

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