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class in UnityEngine.Networking

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[SyncVar] is an attribute that can be put on member variables of NetworkBehaviour classes. These variables will have their values sychronized from the server to clients in the game that are in the ready state.

Setting the value of a [SyncVar] marks it as dirty, so it will be sent to clients at the end of the current frame. Only simple values can be marked as [SyncVars]. The type of the SyncVar variable cannot be from an external DLL or assembly.

#pragma strict
public class Ship extends NetworkBehaviour {
	public var health: int = 100;
	public var energy: float = 100;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class Ship : NetworkBehaviour { [SyncVar] public int health = 100;

[SyncVar] public float energy = 100; }

The allowed SyncVar types are;

• Basic type (byte, int, float, string, UInt64, etc)
• Built-in Unity math type (Vector3, Quaternion, etc),
• Structs containing allowable types .


hookThe hook attribute can be used to specify a function to be called when the sync var changes value on the client.

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