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What kind of per-object data to setup during rendering.

At minimum, object transformation matrices are set up per-object, but extra data (e.g. lightmaps, light probes etc.) can be set up by combining RendererConfiguration flags.

See Also: DrawRendererSettings, RenderLoop.DrawRenderers.


NoneDo not setup any particular per-object data besides the transformation matrix.
PerObjectLightProbeSetup per-object light probe SH data.
PerObjectReflectionProbesSetup per-object reflection probe data.
PerObjectLightProbeProxyVolumeSetup per-object light probe proxy volume data.
PerObjectLightmapsSetup per-object lightmaps.
ProvideLightIndicesSetup per-object light indices.
PerObjectMotionVectorsSetup per-object motion vectors.
PerObjectOcclusionProbeSetup per-object occlusion probe data.
PerObjectOcclusionProbeProxyVolumeSetup per-object occlusion probe proxy volume data (occlusion in alpha channels).
PerObjectShadowMaskSetup per-object shadowmask.

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